Cool and clean kimchi

shelf life
Expiration date 30 days
Raw materials and ingredients Pickled cabbage 67.7% [cabbage 98% (domestic), salt (domestic), radish (domestic), Jonggajip exclusive Kimchi farina I [gelatinization rice mixed powder (rice: domestic), garlic (domestic), red pepper powder (domestic), and mild kelp base [dried kelp (domestic)], Jonggajip anchovy (domestic), vegetables (domestic), Jonggajib shrimp sauce [shrimp (domestic)], green onion (domestic), vegetable lactic acid fermentation, onion (domestic), soybean (ginger), gelatinization rice mixture [rice (domestic), kimchi (lactic acid) IRC]
Storage and precautions Keep in refrigerator and avoid direct sunlight (0℃ to 10℃)
Product Features Jongga's kimchi using whole cabbage kimchi is the most representative kimchi in Korea. Jongga's kimchi that can enjoy crisp and cool taste is based on seasoning of central region.