Long and delicious pickled young radishes

shelf life
Expiration date 30 days
Raw materials and ingredients Pickled altarimu 83.4% [altarimu 98% (domestic), salt 2%], Jonggajip exclusive Kimchi farina I [gelatinization rice mixed powder (rice: domestic), garlic (domestic), green onion (domestic), red pepper powder (domestic), Jonggajip anchovy sauce (anchovy), and mild kelp base [dried kelp (domestic)], Jonggajib shrimp sauce [shrimp (domestic)], Vegetable Lactobacillus Fermentation, Ginger (Domestic), Kimchi Lactobacillus Fermentation I (Ryukonostok DRC0211)
Storage and precautions -
Product Features The crunchy altari radish met the taste of Jongga's hands.
ㆍKimchi made with radish as main ingredient and crunchy taste ㆍFeel excellent taste of hard radish tissue