Core Competencies

The secret recipe of Jongga’s fresh fermentation to cook time

Jongga has harmonious traditional kimchi taste with various seasonal ingredients grown in our land.
The natural taste of ingredients for rich taste of kelp and salted fish preserves sweetness from pear,
and red pepper made in Korean grown under fine sunlight makes kimchi stand out more.
Jongga protects the taste of Korean kimchi with know-how of fresh production method that makes kimchi the most delicious time.

Quality Management Policy

We conduct ‘consumer-centered quality management’ activities
that pursue sustainable value that considers health as top priority for customer’s safe food.
We try to remind the realization value of customer and quality priority, and move forward to the future.

Secret of Jongga
  • It’s reliable
    Secret method to select fresh products

    raised on our land with confidence.
    raised on our land with confidence.

  • For alive health
    Fresh fermentation and germination methods

    We made with original taste of ingredients and Jongga’s healthy fermentation method.

    * Independently developed patent lactobacillus fermentation

  • Different depth
    Method for fresh maintenance

    From local field of ingredients to customer’s table,
    we made it
    with our long-standing know-how.

Our Technology and Patents
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