Secret of freshness

  • Method of fresh selection.

    It’s reliable ingredients Jongga selects the best natural ingredients, at the peak of flavor, through contracts with domestic farmers.

  • The secret of “fresh” fermentation

    It’s Healthy Careful handling of materials.

  • Method of fresh selection.

    It has depth of flavor From the raw material to the shipment of the product, we carefully maintain the optimum temperature to ensure the ideal taste and texture.

  • Secret of fresh manufacturing

    It’s reliably made It is manufactured with the highest standards of production.

  • 72hours
    Jongga This Kimchi is fresh!
    Starting with the freshest vegetables, picked at the peak of flavor.

    It doesn’t mind waiting for a few days in a low temperature storage to provide the best kimchi in the world.

  • 14hours
    Jongga Tofu
    This Tofu’s flavor goes deep!

    It begins with carefully selected soy beans, to deliver a unique depth of flavor.

  • 500days
    Jongga’s pickled foods are fermented by nature, using a unique method to bring depth of flavor.

    After maturing for one year in a traditional fermented sauce, it is finished in a probiotic blend of lactic acid bacteria.