About Share Your Love event

Kimchi with love, deliver happiness to your neighbors

We, Daesang appreciate your boundless love and plan to deliver your love to our society through social contribution activities. To build happier society without marginalized people, we will be with you by doing what we do best. Would you deliver your love to people in need through kimchi with love? The more we share, the happier we are.

Social Contribution

The origin of Kimchi is closely related to Korea’s traditional agricultural culture that was established thousands of years ago when Korean peninsula was divided into three different dynasties. With four different seasons that are clearly distinguishable from one another in terms of temperature and climate, Koreans have developed various methods to preserve fresh vegetables.

About the emblem

The line drawing that embodies the image of person-to-person expresses sharing love for everyone. It indicates loving our neighbors by inserting the campaign name into the part reminding of a heart and appeals the Jong-ga-jip’s campaign to customers effectively.