The temperature should be kept below 18℃.
Alien substances are prevented from being added into the processing by a strict sanitary management, air shower, and alcohol disinfection.

  • Storages

  • Storages

  • Salting

  • Cleaning

  • Stuffing

  • Maturation

  • Shipment

Examination of Cabbages Strict quality management, examination on the head (esp. the way the leaves are folded into head)
Selection The outer leaves of cabbages should be removed since they tend to absorb the salted water faster than inner leaves and cause Kimchi to be too salty.
Salting Salting below 18℃ by salted water circulation, The density of salted water varies depending on the seasons in order to produce consistent salting quality since cabbages are different in their degree of sweetness and juice in each season. The low temperature and low salinity is the best condition for the processing.
Cleaning and Dehydration Four additional stages of cleaning are necessary after the first round of cleaning, For a better harmonization with spices, the saltiness remaining in the salted cabbages should be lightly dried off first. Dehydrating in advance id also important since an excessive amount of juice in Kimchi is the very reason for quick acidifying. The lap time of dehydration should be carefully controlled for a moderate amount of juice.
Stuffing Stuffing for salted Kimchi is prepared as follows : put radish strips into a big bowl and spice them with powdered red pepper. Then, carefully mix them with ginger, garlic, salted shrimps, mustard leaves, Japanese parsley, shredded red pepper, and green pepper.
Maturation Being microbes, such as lactic acid bacteria, are responsible for fermentation and prevention of spoiling the Kimchi. Since they function more vividly at a low temperature, processed Kimchi should be preserved at a low temperature. The peculiar flavor of fully matured Kimchi comes from the chemical interaction among the by-products which are created in the fermentation process. Thus, their unique taste cannot be created in an artificial way. When the peculiar acid-sweet taste of Kimchi culminates, the level of vitamin C reaches its prime.
Shipment A perfect cold chain system