About the laboratory

The Korean-style freshness
laboratory of Daesang Corp.

Freshness Laboratory Team 1 that is in charge of developing Jong-ga-jip kimchi ; Freshness Laboratory Team 2 that is in charge of developing Jong-ga-jip tofu. Based on the R&BD(Research & Business Development) Process, it has actively conducted research activities on the tasks derived by data collection and analysis on the customers, market needs for commercialization of new products and development of technology.

Laboratory Team 1

Freshness Laboratory Team 1 that breathes new life into kimchi is performing the tasks; development of Kimchi for the domestic and overseas market , applied products; research on microorganism, lactobacillus; standardization of raw materials, etc. It has applied more than 12 patents including the smell-less kimchi, kimchi with DHA, etc. so far and developed the world’s first vacuum packing method for kimchi to spur penetration into global market.

Laboratory Team 2

For the tofu business carried out by Jong-ga-jip from Feb, 2004, Freshness Laboratory Team 2 has been in charge of developing new products with the research on products stability. It has also developed not only tofu but also soybean products and modern processed products to meet various consumers’ tastes. In addition, it has established the system to produce and distribute the developed products in the most hygienic way

Laboratory Team 3

It has tried to strengthen production competitiveness by leading improvement of the factory processes and facilities. It is also in charge of safety and quality of OEM subcontractors in cooperation with “Freshness Research Team 1, 2. It has been cultivating the global core capabilities focusing on developing Jong-ga-jip’s own differentiated technology.”