Research Activities

Category Freshness Research Team Freshness Research Team 2
Development of products

1. Development of products for the domestic market and applied products

  • Development of special items for demonstration channel
    Watery plain kimchi with young radish, dongchimi of summer, deodeok kimchi, Rape leaves geotjeori(unfermented kimchi), Chili Sobagi ( Stuffed chili Kimchi), Ligularia kimchi
  • Development of the products for main channels
    old kimchi(’02), Namdo-style whole(Poggi) kimchi(’03), kimchi for children(’04), Korean cabbage kimchi with whole radishes(’05), White kimchi with high nutrition (’05), Hot kimchi(’06)
  • Functional kimchi
    Anti-helicobacter pylori lactobacillus kimchi(Amway,’02), GABA kimchi(Hyundai Homeshopping,’03), dietary fiber kimchi(Hyundai Homeshopping ’05), Choice of a Beauty (’06)
  • Others
    Soybean paste stew with wild chive (’06), Gang-doenjang(thick soybean stew) (’06), crushed garlic(’06), Yetmat pickled sesame leaves (’06),Braised tofu sauce(’06), Mapo tofu sauce(’06)

2. Development of products for the overseas markets

  • Development of new products for the Japanese market
    : Kimchi foCGCr (’03), Kimchi for airline foods(’04), Mini-kimchi for Lawson(’05), Low-fermented kimchi ‘New 400′(’06), Choice of a Beauty (’05)

1. Development of side dish products for distribution (’02 ~ ’03)

  • Development of side dish products for distribution that can guarantee microorganism safety(8 kinds)
    Fresh sesame leaves, sesame leaves in soy sauce, seasoned anchovy in red pepper paste, dried slices of daikon, sliced dried Pollack with seasoning, Stir-fried dried squid, beans cooked in soy sauce, Seasoned and fried anchovy with walnut

2. Development of new products to expand days franchise business (’02 ~ ’04)

  • Porridge(8 kinds)
    Pumpkin porridge, Pine nut porridge, Red-bean porridge taken on the winter solstice, Sweet red-bean porridge, red ginseng porridge, Black sesame and rice porridge, Chicken and mushroom porridge, Abalone porridge
    Development of the freezing distribution method to secure the best quality
  • Sauce(9 kinds)
    Development 9kinds of sauce such as Jajang(black-bean-sauce), Curry, grilled eels, pork cutlet, etc.
    Development of the freezing distribution method to secure the best quality
  • Dishes(58 kinds)
    Developing the mix proportion and distribution methods for easy home cooking of the dishes that you can taste in the main restaurants from Chinese foods including fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce, etc. to soup, desserts.

3. Development of tofu and bean sprouts (’04 ~ now)

  • Development the world’s first whole soybean curd containing all biji(bean-curd dregs) – developing the world’s first germinating soybean tofu and designing the Plant Engineering
Development of technology

1. kimchi lactobacillus fermentation technology

  • Lactobacillus for differentiated quality
    Applied to separation of stable lactobacillus from fermented kimchi and renewal of main products(’05)>
    Temperature sensitive lactobacillus, thermal sensitive lactobacillus, strain generating low acid(’04 ~)
  • Functional lactobacillus originated from Kimchi
    Anti-helicobacter pylori lactobacillus (’06)
  • Ripened kimchi that can be kept for a long time (’05)

2. Process Technologies

  • Manufacturing processes
    Technology for ASTA analysis on the properties of red pepper powder(patent registration), technology to reduce hot taste of the radish in the summer
  • Manufacturing processes
    Keeping freshness/ setting manufacturing processes and check points for exported products(’03), Development of hydrolytic-resistance starch paste to improve appearance quality(’04), Integrated key-base of kimchi spices(’05), recycling technology to keep freshness of reused salty water(’05)
  • Technology for maintaining freshness
    Technology to stabilize fermentation of tray type products(’04), technology to extend the time limit of deliciousness for the exported kimchi
  • New 400 (’06)

1. Designing the process for the whole soybean curd containing all biji(bean-curd dregs)

  • Developing the wet fine grinding technology to use biji(bean-curd dregs) up to 100%
  • Development of the coagulation technology through multi-phased heating to realize the best taste and texture of tofu
  • Development of the sealed tofu mold to make non-compressed tofu(registration of utility model)
  • Development of making tofu containing soybean’s gemmule
  • The above technology is under domestic and overseas patent application

2. Development of germinating soybean tofu

  • Development the world’s first manufacturing process to make tofu with germinated soybean
  • Development of the technology to germinate soybean quickly
  • Development of manufacturing process technology that can be applied to both hot and cold soymilk
Direction of Development

[Product Family for the domestic market]

  • Strengthening quality features based on customer’s ideal vector on flavors of kimchi
  • Development of the product family for the business market only
  • Developing pickles category such as jangajji(vegetables pickled in soy sauce)

[Product Family for the overseas market]

  • Development of fermented vegetables products for the global market
  • Development of the local type products considering the local markets

[Fermentation technology]

  • Lactobacillus fermentation technology to improve kimchi’s ripened taste and quality
  • Developing the technology to maintain the proper degree of maturity of kimchi
  • Establishing stable technology for the starter

[Raw materials and Processes]

  • Development of technology that can evaluate the quality of kimchi’s main raw materials to cope with global sourcing
  • Modularization of manufacturing processes to secure flexibility of production

1. Development of products and technologies to expand soy business

  • Securing the generic technology to expand strategic soy business including not only tofu but also soymilk and desserts

2. Development of technology to expand profit of tofu business

  • Securing stable quality of existing products
  • Research for improving the yield percentage of germinating soybean tofu and related series

3. Sustained development of new products to expand market M/S

  • Advanced conceptual and originative products that has never been launched in the domestic market
  • integrated with 3 trends of food market; Health, Convenience, Fun