Deliciously sliced kimchi

shelf life
Expiration date 30 days
Raw materials and ingredients Pickled cabbage, 98% cabbage (domestic), 2% salt, radish (domestic), Jonggajip exclusive Kimchi farina I [gelatinization rice mixed powder (rice: domestic), onion (domestic), red pepper powder (domestic), garlic (domestic), Jonggajib anchovy (domestic), mild kelp base [dried kelp (domestic)], leek [or mustard] (domestic), green onion (domestic), Jonggajib shrimp sauce [shrimp (domestic)], vegetable lactobacillus fermentation solution, ginger (domestic), kimchi lactobacillus fermentation solution I (ryukonostok DRC0211), refined salt (domestic)
Storage and precautions Keep in refrigerator and avoid direct sunlight (0℃ to 10℃)
Product Features Use easy-to-use Jongga-flavored kimchi for vacation or travel. ㆍJongga's Kimchi useing harmonized unique seasoning has a refreshing and crunchy taste. ㆍDelicious kimchi that is easy to eat by eliminating inconvenience of cutting after purchasing whole cabbage kimchi.